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For Obama and the Church Hierarchy, It’s All Going According to Plan

Pope Francis has already called for America to accept “migrants” – though oddly enough, Vatican City remains immigrant free.

Horrifying Reprise of Jean Raspail’s Immigration Novel Now Happening Here in USA

You need to listen carefully and take action on what real immigration patriots have been saying for decades.

Brave NGO Identifies Catholic Population/Immigration Connection With Proof

What makes Guatemala so different from Mexico? A big part of the discrepancy is the role of the Catholic Church. Both Mexico and Guatemala...

Why Did Brat Win? In the End, It’s the Numbers, Stupid

The main problem with mass immigration isn't anything abstract or ideological – it’s just the numbers.

How Unchecked and Unreformed Immigration Helps Drive Us To A Brave New World

The USA is spinning out of control. The basic cause is too many people migrating in too large numbers into our country with no consideration…

When Are Those Charges Of Racism Stalking Horses For Disastrous Outcomes

Let us not let the many unfounded cries of racism blind us to the fact that we are allowing a multicultural nightmare to evolve in…

Americans Have A Lot Toulouse In Amnesty/Immigration Surge Battle

This long term trend has gotten deadly serious, as the Treason Lobby tries every device to get the borders open for the billionaires.

Democrat Suggests Immigration Patriots Should Support “Patriotic Capitalism” – German-Style Codetermination

German companies use a practice called “codetermination” which creates shared management of companies by both workers and capital.

Has US Immigration Reached The Tipping Point?

Americans of all races and creeds can plainly see our lifestyles are broken by crowding, pollution, increasing criminality, daily traffic jams, etc.

What That Immigration Patriot Victory In Switzerland Means

The Swiss get it! The majority of citizens in this small country recognize that the so-called “right” to migration is devastating this idyllic nation.