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MAD MONEY Host Jim Cramer Blows Whistle On Immigration’s Effect On Jobs and Americans’ Welfare

It’s hardly surprising that the Main Stream Media refused to mention the immigration invasion as a key reason for the failure of Lyndon Johnson’s...

Poverty Program at Age 50 – Why Are We Still Importing More Poverty Each Year?

President Obama has called inequality the “defining challenge of our time.” To that end, he intends to urge states to expand their Medicaid programs...

Democrat Says: Obama Goes To Pieces Over Immigration – But Even Un-Amnestied Aliens Will Change American Politics

Well, well, well, did the obvious facts of the folly of the Senate immigration bill (S. 744) finally get registered at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?

Democrat Asks: Will African-Americans Opt For Luis Gutierrez-Style Tribal Division – Or American Unity?

Well, that’s nice: The Hill just posted How immigration died. It’s been clear for some time, despite all the huffing and puffing, that this year’s...

An Open Letter from a Patriotic Democrat to Suicidal Republicans

President Obama’s flippant lies about immigration enforcement belie the reality that he knows he is plotting to “fundamentally transform”...

Democrat Sees Veterans Betrayed by Open Borders Clichés

Veterans know the country they fought for is being given away. Though I rarely answer mail, a recent letter in response to my column about…

Could Republican Shut-Down Hara-Kiri Help Amnesty/ Immigration Surge?

President Obama wants Open Borders. He wants a continuing alien invasion of the USA, which began in earnest with the landmark 1965 legislation.

Democrat Says Amnesty Threatens the ‘Social Contract’

If our leaders ignore immigration law enforcement, we will inevitably see a continuing breakdown of respect for our Rule of Law.

Power People Dismiss Or Ignore Predictable Catastrophic Population Proliferation

After decades of feckless government mismanagement of immigration, we added over 100 million new comers since the law was changed in 1965.

Does Catholic Charities Want Lots of Uneducated Immigrants?

It seems Catholic Charities want more immigrants, but not bright ones, especially ones who can speak English.