challenging religious privilege in public life

Joe Carvalko


Limiting the Brutality of War by Protecting Aid Workers

The safety and security of aid workers, who selflessly provide crucial assistance to those in need, must be upheld and respected.

The Hypocrisy is Palpable

The war between Israel and Hamas has resulted thus far in 55,000 civilians injured and 20,000 have been killed.

Striving for Safer Communities: Advocating Gun Control

Gun control is not about taking away rights, but about finding a balance between individual freedoms and public safety.

AI – A Paradigm Shift for the Twenty-First Century

This rapidly changing technological landscape is a result of a new development referred to as transformer architecture-AI.

July Memories – From Childhood To Old Age

July, the seventh month of the Gregorian calendar echoes in a corner of my mind unlike any other month.

Lawyers Bear Responsibility for What’s Wrong with American Justice

For most of U.S. history lawyers have controlled Congress. Today they're a third of the House members and one-half of the Senate members.

The Procession of Justice

Why are millions protesting across America? Because maybe citizens have decided to take charge of this amorphous abstraction called justice.

History Accounts for the Children

Whether we admit it or not, our government's immigration policies condone an immoral callousness against migrant children.

The 47th State Panacea or Perversion

We have the technology to potentially add a 47th chromosome. The implications are enormously consequential.

The Ides of March

Does COVID-19 mark another turning point for the world? And, if so, in what direction are we heading?