challenging religious privilege in public life

Mark Fulton


The Politics and Power of Fourth Century Christianity

It was only from the fourth century on that there was an obviously dominant, unified, institutionalized form of Christianity – Catholicism.

The Future of Christianity

Think of the good work that could be done through secular organizations using money saved by not subsidizing churches.

Christianity and Dysfunctional Societies

Church people commonly claim that if all communities were Christian the result would be moral health, peace, and happiness.

Christianity No More Than Roman Government Propaganda

Throughout history, powerful governments have tried to control popular opinion, and often haven’t hesitated to flagrantly manipulate the truth.

The Terrible Cost of Christianity

Consider Christian history. There have been literally hundreds of wars started or inflamed by Christian intolerance.

Examining The Jesus Myth

Pliny the younger did mention the existence of Christians in Asia Minor in 112 CE, but wrote nothing about Jesus the person.