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We Need to Consider Conservation Efforts on Mars

Of all the planets in our solar system, Mars is most likely to have evidence of life, whether past or extant.

A Comprehensive Blueprint for the Settlement of Mars

Many proposals have been made since the dawn of the Space Age to transform Mars into a second home for humanity.

The Technological Singularity: An End to Mortality?

Accelerating developments in artificial intelligence are rapidly approaching a point of inflection, commonly known as "the Singularity".

Underground Liquid Water Detected on Mars?

Given its importance to future missions, it is vitally important that scientists determine where water is on Mars.

Taking Earth with us: Is space exploration “sustainable”?

In the coming decades, space agencies from around the world will be venturing farther out into space than ever before.

Cities in Space: Inspiring Future Generations to Live Off-World

In the coming decades, things are going to become very busy with plans to return to the Moon and explore Mars.

Artemis 1 Probably Won’t Launch Until August

An official NASA statement says that the official launch of the mission is not likely to take place until August at the earliest.

The science of becoming “interplanetary”: Could humans live in the asteroid belt?

With the right technology and spirit of adventure, the Main Asteroid Belt could become the industrial hub of the Solar System.

The Logistics of Going “Interplanetary”: What Does It Take to Live on the Moon?

Humans have been dreaming of living on the Moon, but what would that look like exactly?

Lasers Could Send Missions to Mars in Only 45 Days

A spacecraft that relies on a novel propulsion system could reduce transit times to Mars from six to nine months to just 45 days.