challenging religious privilege in public life

Opus Dei


Catholic Dark Money: The Federalist Society

The Federalist Society is a gatekeeper, monitoring Republican-appointed judges for allegiance to right-wing donor interests.

An Opus Dei Supreme Court

Leonard Leo, a conservative Catholic, is the maestro of a network to sway lawmakers by generating public support for conservative judges.

Opus Dei’s Influence Is Felt in All of Washington’s Corridors of Power

“Opus Dei is an efficient machine run to achieve worldly power,” wrote investigative reporter Penny Lernoux in her book, People of God.

The Secret Money Behind the Push to Ban Abortion

Carrie Severino leads the Judicial Crisis Network, a nonprofit that has spent millions of dollars promoting conservative judges.

Opus Dei’s Influence on the U.S. Judiciary

When John Roberts was nominated for the Court, Opus Dei’s Austin Ruse said his fellow conservative Catholics could "breathe easy".

The Vatican: Infringing on U.S. Sovereignty

The Vatican acts in part, often soundlessly and most effectively, through secret organisations such as Opus Dei and the Knights of Malta.

Teen Rape Victim Jailed for 30 Years for Stillbirth in Catholic Controlled El Salvador

El Salvador - one of five countries where abortion is illegal in all circumstances - has imprisoned dozens of young women for murder.

Holy Smoke and Mirrors: The Vatican Conspiracy

In its zeal to stamp out communism, the Vatican set up alliances during WWII with various secret societies, fascist groups and spying agencies.

How the Vatican’s enormous power undermines family planning worldwide

The Church is completely candid about its opposition to birth control and professes that it will do everything possible to accomplish its purposes.

Welcome to El Salvador – Forty years’ jail for your miscarriage

Up until 1998, the law in El Salvador permitted abortions in cases of rape, incest or in which the health of the woman was threatened.