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Origins of Life


Exoplanets: The Amazing Possibilities of Faraway Worlds

Proxima Centauri b is the nearest exoplanet to us outside the Solar System, and it may be more habitable than previously thought.

Venus Is In The Spotlight Again With This 2023 ‘Life Finder Mission’

The first of the planned Venus Life Finder Missions is set to launch in 2023. A follow-up mission is planned for 2026.

Lasers Could Send Missions to Mars in Only 45 Days

A spacecraft that relies on a novel propulsion system could reduce transit times to Mars from six to nine months to just 45 days.

What Happens if Perseverance Finds Life on Mars?

As the next most-habitable place in our Solar System beyond Earth, Mars is a major focus of our astrobiological efforts.

The Driest Place on Earth Could Help Predict How Life Might Be Surviving on Mars

In the next few years, Mars will be visited by three new rovers searching for evidence of past and present life.

How life on Earth could help us find life on Mars

Perseverance and ExoMars may not be enough; a life detection mission that can sample Mars directly for signs of life may instead be needed.

Will SpaceX Colonists Find Life On The Red Planet?

SpaceX has set the goal of first sending a cargo mission to Mars in 2022, and following it up with a manned mission in 2024.

Origins of life: new evidence first cells could have formed at the bottom of the ocean

In recent years, many scientists favour hydrothermal vents deep in the ocean as the original source of life on Earth.

Astrobiologist Says Life Could Still Exist on Mars

Some astrobiologists theorise that ancient Mars presented an even more suitable environment for life than the younger version of the Earth.

Did life originate on Earth? It’s becoming more difficult to say ‘yes’

The idea that we are alone in this vast universe looks increasingly unlikely, given recent discoveries here and in space.