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Trump’s MAGA GOP Is Corrupt, Irresponsible and Treasonable!

Trump could abandon NATO and attempt to remove the 22nd Amendment to our Constitution so he might remain President for life.

Now We Know How Hitler Did It

Are there parallels between the MAGA takeover of the GOP and the Nazi takeover of the German right in the 1930s?

Trump Is Now Often Cited As A Likely Two Term President!!!!

All the GOP corruption and indifference to integrity do not seem to deter those who are anxious to elect Trump to a 2nd term.

GOP’s Lack Of Integrity Exemplified By Its GOP Supreme Court Justices!

With Congress deeply divided, and GOP justices resisting ethical rules, getting a meaningful code of ethics at our highest court is unlikely.

White evangelicals are opposed to Jesus

Clearly Jesus espoused values aligned with the modern political left. Sometimes, this facet of religion is called the "social gospel".

Rosalynn Carter Symbolizes The Start With Reagan Of The Fall Of GOP Integrity!

The Carters offer a prime example of where we should be headed. Will we choose a man of integrity and stability in 2024?

Trump Plans For His 2nd Term Are Hitleristic! My Primary State Of Mind? Anger!! How about you?

In a speech Trump has promised "he would target his perceived opponents as though they were disease-carrying animals".

Let’s Stop Drinking From The Lethal Cup Of Secularized Religious Laws!

The House of Representatives will install Christian Nationalism as our officially sanctioned religion should Trump be given a 2nd term.

Is Biden’s Legacy Assured? Yes If He Steps Down And Doesn’t Run In 2024 And Trump Gets Thrashed!

Can President Biden win? Of course. But democracy can’t afford a loss to Trump and his party of aspiring dictators!

Glass Steagall Protections Killed (1999) and Citizens United Approved (2010) Deeply Threatens American Democracy!

Repeal of Glass Steagall and the approval of Citizens United allowed rich corporate interests to buy our government at every level!