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White evangelicals are opposed to Jesus

Clearly Jesus espoused values aligned with the modern political left. Sometimes, this facet of religion is called the "social gospel".

Let’s Stop Drinking From The Lethal Cup Of Secularized Religious Laws!

The House of Representatives will install Christian Nationalism as our officially sanctioned religion should Trump be given a 2nd term.

New House Speaker Mike Johnson is More Dangerous Than Jim Jordan; Christian Evangelicals Elated

"The founders wanted to protect the church from an encroaching state, not the other way around," Mike Johnson has said.

Are America’s Catholic Bishops Embracing Christian Nationalism?

The alliance between conservative Catholics is not just a twenty-first century phenomenon; it has been brewing for quite some time.

Trump Backers Stay Loyal For Now, As They Ignore His Fascist Goals!

Trump amazingly keeps a substantial lead in the polls despite his multiple legal problems which so far have boosted his popularity.

The key to messaging is repetition. These are the messages Democrats should repeat relentlessly.

Republicans, from Congress to city councils, sound the same: freedom, the Constitution, family and Christian values.

The Christian Nationalist ReAwaken America Tour: Where T-Shirts Are Nasty & Paranoia Prevails

The Christian nationalist ReAwaken America tour is a bouillabaisse of Christian nationalism and misinformation.

Abortion Fascists Symbolize The GOP On Many Repressive Issues!

Religious fascists are no different than any brand of fascism in wanting to impose their ideology against our human freedoms.

American evangelical Christianity is now in crisis

The editor-in-chief of Christianity Today is warning that evangelical Christianity is moving too far to the right.

White Christian Nationalists

There are many reasons that people today have become less religious, but I think White Christian Nationalism is an important reason.