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Trumpian Fascism: More Than a Century in the Making

The goal of the Trumpian led Republican Party is to create widespread chaos and crisis before trying to overthrow the democratic process.

Was the GOP Plan All Along to “Break” America to Make Room for an Authoritarian Strongman?

Recent reporting suggests that Trump followers, by and large, are fine with him being a dictator. It seems crazy, but it is irrefutable.

Is America enduring a ‘slow civil war’?

Trump’s self-portrayal of "tremendous" achievements appeals to his acolytes because it operates within “the American religion of winning”.

GOP Religious Tyranny Offers Combined Anti-Democratic Issues For 2024!

Religious tyranny is rampantly growing in its quest for legal verification in arguing for eliminating the separation of church and state.

Agenda 47: Trump’s & the GOP’s Dystopian Nightmare Plan for America Revealed

If Trump is re-elected, he'd be America’s 47th president, so he's named the plans for his second term "Agenda 47".

Supreme Court is increasingly putting Christians’ First Amendment rights ahead of others’ dignity and rights to equal protection

A decadelong strategy by conservative Christians has been to use the courts to limit the freedoms of groups they disapprove.

White evangelicals are opposed to Jesus

Clearly Jesus espoused values aligned with the modern political left. Sometimes, this facet of religion is called the "social gospel".

Let’s Stop Drinking From The Lethal Cup Of Secularized Religious Laws!

The House of Representatives will install Christian Nationalism as our officially sanctioned religion should Trump be given a 2nd term.

New House Speaker Mike Johnson is More Dangerous Than Jim Jordan; Christian Evangelicals Elated

"The founders wanted to protect the church from an encroaching state, not the other way around," Mike Johnson has said.

Are America’s Catholic Bishops Embracing Christian Nationalism?

The alliance between conservative Catholics is not just a twenty-first century phenomenon; it has been brewing for quite some time.