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Caught on Tape, Alito Exposed as ‘Crusader for Christian Nationalism’

In a new, secret recording, the Supreme Court justice says he “agrees” that the U.S. should return to a place of godliness.

Church and State separation ignored as billions in taxpayer dollars now go to religious schools via vouchers

School vouchers can be used at almost any private school, but the vast majority of the money is being directed to religious schools.

From cultural genocide to the Dobbs decision, religious tyranny is America’s big bully

For decades, Catholic priests raped or molested Native American children who were taken from their homes by the U.S. government.

How The Christian Far Right Is Stealing America’s Democracy

The USA no longer has the government of the people by the people and for the people that the founding fathers intended to create.

Is SCOTUS in on the Coup and Trying to End American Democracy?

The simple reality is that conservatives throughout modern history have viewed democracy with a jaundiced eye.

Leaders Say the US is Christian, So…

The religiosity and the devotion to the myth of the US being founded as a Christian nation is quite widespread and persistent.

Will the Most Corrupt Supreme Court in History Assist the Trump Coup?

The most corrupt Supreme Court in American history have decided to help Trump delay his trial for trying to overthrow the government.

Trumpian Fascism: More Than a Century in the Making

The goal of the Trumpian led Republican Party is to create widespread chaos and crisis before trying to overthrow the democratic process.

Was the GOP Plan All Along to “Break” America to Make Room for an Authoritarian Strongman?

Recent reporting suggests that Trump followers, by and large, are fine with him being a dictator. It seems crazy, but it is irrefutable.

Is America enduring a ‘slow civil war’?

Trump’s self-portrayal of "tremendous" achievements appeals to his acolytes because it operates within “the American religion of winning”.