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Do You Really Want To Elect Trump And His Associates?

Trump has amassed the most impressive list of immoral scallywags as key advisors of any President in the history of our country!

Personal Memories Recalled By Biden’s Honoring Our WW II heroes On D-Day

President Joe Biden has summoned Americans to defend democracy from threats at home and abroad.

Trump’s Reelection Ensures Chaos!

Trump braggs (pun intended) constantly about getting Roe killed and stresses how great each state gets to decide on abortion access.

Church and State separation ignored as billions in taxpayer dollars now go to religious schools via vouchers

School vouchers can be used at almost any private school, but the vast majority of the money is being directed to religious schools.

Peggy Noonan urges parents to teach their kids to love their country but omits mentioning Trump

His NYC trial Judge will pronounce Trump’s sentence on July 11th and the Republican National Convention begins on July 15th.

On Trump’s Conviction: Another Email Received From The Same Reader Reacting Further To My OP ED Entitled “A Memorial Day Reminder About Honor And Integrity”

If Biden is reelected, Trump may be tried and will certainly be convicted, but Biden may pardon him as Gerald Ford did Nixon.

Teflon Donald Finally A Proven Felon!

Trump has been convicted on all 34 felony counts of falsifying business records in his New York state hush money case.

From cultural genocide to the Dobbs decision, religious tyranny is America’s big bully

For decades, Catholic priests raped or molested Native American children who were taken from their homes by the U.S. government.

A Memorial Day Reminder About Honor And Integrity

With Trump there is now really only one question. Will he lose on November 5th and likely go to jail or will he be our…

How The Christian Far Right Is Stealing America’s Democracy

The USA no longer has the government of the people by the people and for the people that the founding fathers intended to create.