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Harry Blackmun’s Gone But Not Forgotten For His Wise Roe Opinion Against Constitutional Originalism!

Harry Blackmun and his fellow Supreme Court colleagues' decision created a woman's right to an abortion in 1973, almost 50 years ago.

“Pro-life” hypocrisy fuels the autocratic woman-hate of the anti-choice zealots

Scandinavian countries, with their extensive social welfare and support for new parents, have lower abortion rates than the US.

Sanders: GOP Ended Filibuster to Pack Supreme Court, So Dems Must End It to Save Abortion Rights

Republicans ended the filibuster to install right-wing justices nominated by presidents who lost the popular vote in order to overturn Roe.

Supreme Court: The elephant in the room is religion

Since Justice Alito's screed that was leaked, no one has mentioned the courts make up and the belief systems of the justices.

British scientist says US anti-abortion lawyers misused his work to attack Roe v Wade

Dr. Giandomenico Iannetti, a pain expert, angrily denies that his research suggests foetuses can feel pain before 24 weeks.

The Roe Disaster – And What To Do About It

Reproductive rights are on the chopping block because of dark GOP schemes and Democrats' duplicity – but this fight is not over.

Peggy Noonan’s “There’s A Baby In There” Opinion Attacks The Core Of Our Democracy

Noonan is a practicing Catholic, as are the majority of Justices on our Supreme Court, thanks to the packing of the Court by Trump.

George Carlin’s take on the ‘pro-life’ movement is going viral again – for good reason

With the leaked decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, a famous old stand-up bit by George Carlin is doing the rounds again.

‘Terrifying’: GOP Preparing 6-Week Federal Abortion Ban If They Win Back Congress

Republican senators will propose a nationwide ban on abortion at six weeks of pregnancy if they retake Congress.

Is A Majority Of US Supreme Court Justices About To Vote To Murder Poor Minority Women? Yes.

That the Supreme Court has 6 Catholics makes the sad case they rule for the Pope not the American people they were selected to serve.