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Reproductive Health


Post-Dobbs Bans Leave 14 States With No Abortion Clinics

14 states don't have abortion clinics, and this year alone 53 laws restricting abortion access have been passed across the country.

ERA and Abortion Are Key to Women’s Vote in 2024

The overturning of Roe v. Wade was a wake-up call and the Equal Rights Amendment is needed now more than ever.

Millions of US Women at Risk After ‘Regressive’ Attack on Abortion Rights by Supreme Court: UN Experts

The regressive position taken by the US Supreme Court in June 2022 puts millions of women and girls at serious risk.

The Origins Of Patriarchy

Patriarchy often limits women's control over their reproductive choices, including access to contraception and safe abortions.

‘A Historic Night’: Ohio Voters Enshrine Abortion Rights in State Constitution

Ohioans approved Issue 1 by a decisive 56.6% to 43.4% margin, creating a constitutional right to contraception and abortion.

Good News about Family Planning

Globally, 50 countries have liberalized their abortion laws since 1994, and 4 have decreased access to safe abortion services – including the USA.

Prohibition Didn’t Work And Dobbs Won’t Either!

Banning abortion has proven widely dangerous to the health of women and legally scary for many abortion providers.

What Will Americans Do When Birth Control is Illegal?

"We are on a winning trajectory. It may be that the day will come when people say the birth-control pill was a mistake."

After Dobbs, abortion access is harder, comes later and with a higher risk

15 states fully or mostly ban the procedure, while others have begun enacting gestational limits and other restrictions.

Interesting Facts on the Catholic Right Traditionalists Concerning Abortion

Catholic Traditionalists believe they are conducting a Crusade to save Christian Civilization and see liberalism as a sin and liberals as enemies.