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Reproductive Health


The GOP’s Unrelenting Attacks on Women’s Rights: This is Just the Beginning

Get ready. The GOP is not backing down one inch on their war against women’s rights and bodily autonomy.

Abortion Bans Link Advances To All Trump’s Tyrannies!

Failing to vote for Biden considering Trump's plans to undermine our freedoms is akin to me to voters committing felonies themselves!!

US Senate Hearing Highlights Impacts of ‘Horrific Anti-Abortion Crusade’

In Congress, Republicans continue to push for restrictions on abortion while in vitro fertilization and contraception are also at risk.

Showing ‘What’s at Stake in November,’ Senate GOP Blocks Right to Contraception Act

U.S. Senate Republicans have blocked consideration of the Right to Contraception Act, showing the GOP is hellbent on further degrading reproductive freedom.

Rights Groups, Dems Don’t Buy Johnson’s Claim He Won’t Push Federal Abortion Ban

Mike Johnson has shown time and time again he is willing to do anything in his power to restrict reproductive freedom.

Trump Says He Would Let States Prosecute Women for Violating Abortion Bans

Trump has said that if reelected he would allow states to monitor women’s pregnancies and prosecute anyone who violates an abortion ban.

Other states, like Arizona, could resurrect laws on abortion that have been lying dormant for more than 100 years

Under Arizona's 1864 abortion law, anyone who helps perform an abortion could be sent to jail for up to five years.

Not everyone wants to be a parent

Pronatalism is causing humans to reproduce at an untenable rate, thus increasing overpopulation and environmental damage.

Returning to Draconian Abortion Bans Doesn’t Make America Great

“When exactly was America great?”. The Republican-dominated Arizona Supreme Court has an answer: 1864.

Shame Shame Shame: On the Hovering Glory Of A Forced-Birth God Almighty

The "Republi-nazi terrorist attack" in Arizona, while more extreme than some, reflects a nationwide GOP war on women.