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Abortion Rights Groups Bring ‘People’s Voice’ to Florida Supreme Court, Demanding End to 15-Week Ban

DeSantis appointed five of the seven justices to the Florida Supreme Court; only one justice was appointed by a Democratic governor.

White men have controlled women’s reproductive rights throughout American history – the post-Dobbs era is no different

When the Supreme Court overturned Roe in June 2022, the 6-3 vote was by a four white men, one black man and a white woman.

America Is Sunk in Christian Nationalism while Mexico Approves Abortion Rights and Women Running for President! We Are in Trouble.

As the US slips into a slough (means muddy ground) of cultural despond, Catholic Mexico allows abortions nationwide.

Abortion Fascists Symbolize The GOP On Many Repressive Issues!

Religious fascists are no different than any brand of fascism in wanting to impose their ideology against our human freedoms.

Men Should Be Able to Express Opinions and Feelings about Abortion

To the degree that abortion affects any sentient other, men have some responsibility to express their thoughts and feelings about it.

One year after the fall of Roe v. Wade, abortion care has become a patchwork of confusing state laws that deepen existing inequalities

The Dobbs v. Jackson ruling returned decisions regarding abortion to individual states. This has led to a patchwork of laws.

Ohio Vote Shows Abortion Will Be Pivotal In 2024. Constitutional Amendment??

Ohio voters have rejected a Republican ballot measure that would make it harder to enshrine abortion rights in the state constitution.

In Killing Roe Did That GOP “Victory” Pave A Path to That Party’s Extinction?

Trump accounted as one of his major accomplishments the packing of the Supreme Court with new Justices that killed Roe.

FDA approves first daily over-the-counter birth control pill, Opill – a pharmacist and public health expert explain this new era in contraception

The US FDA has approved a drugmaker's application for the first daily over-the-counter birth control pill for people seeking to prevent pregnancy.

Abortion bans are unpopular. Republicans are passing them anyway.

With abortion bans becoming increasingly unpopular, Republican-led statehouses are walking a delicate line.