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E. O. Wilson: Runaway population growth at epicenter of environmental problems

The epicenter of all of our problems in the environment is runaway population growth.

Think US evangelicals are dying out? Well, define evangelicalism …

The share of Americans who identify as 'evangelical' or 'born again' in major regular US surveys (CCES and GSS) has remained fairly consistent.

Spain legalises euthanasia and assisted suicide

Spanish MPs have legalised euthanasia and assisted suicide for people with serious and incurable or debilitating diseases.

Reckoning with the Toxicity of Christian Nationalism

Without squarely and honestly facing the role of white Christianity in fostering American society's worst impulses, there's no way to move forward.

Catholic church cannot bless same-sex unions, Vatican decrees

The Vatican has said the church cannot bless same-sex unions, as God "does not bless sin", dashing the hopes of gay Catholics.

Arkansas Lawmakers Pass ‘Plainly Unconstitutional’ Near-Total Ban on Abortion

As the courts have become more conservative, state legislatures have focused more attention on total abortion bans.

An Upgrade to the Ten Commandments

Right Wing Christian politicians and religious interest groups continue efforts seeking to inflict their Commandments on the rest of us.

The Religious Right’s Continuing Assault on Modernity

Eventually, organized religion will have to reconcile itself with the 21st century and its scientific and intellectual standards and requirements.

U.S. Decline of Christianity Continues at Rapid Pace

The religious landscape of the US continues to change at a rapid clip. Americans who believe in God are in decline.

Bill Maher: “Why, in heaven’s name, don’t we tax religion?”

Bill Maher is angry as hell about the way religious institutions are, or more accurately aren't, taxed in the United States.