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Space Travel


Scientists suspect there’s ice hiding on the Moon, and a host of missions from the US and beyond are searching for it

Some dark craters on the Moon are never exposed to light − ice could be hiding in these permanently shadowed regions.

A Comprehensive Blueprint for the Settlement of Mars

Many proposals have been made since the dawn of the Space Age to transform Mars into a second home for humanity.

NASA report finds no evidence that UFOs are extraterrestrial

Only "a small handful cannot be immediately identified as known human-made or natural phenomena," according to the report.

Returning to the Moon can benefit commercial, military and political sectors – a space policy expert explains

NASA's Artemis program aims to return humans to the Moon, with the first human landing currently scheduled for 2025.

Nasa has announced two missions to Venus by 2030 – here’s why that’s exciting

Venus is a hostile world. Its atmosphere contains sulphuric acid and the surface temperatures is hot enough to melt lead.

How to build a moon base

Ultimately we have the technology to make a lunar base viable, but no amount of innovation can completely negate the risks involved.

Space colonies: how artificial photosynthesis may be key to sustained life beyond Earth

Recent advances in making artificial photosynthesis may well be key to surviving and thriving away from Earth.

Mars is the next step for humanity – we must take it

The technological gap between us and Mars is far smaller than it was for the Moon programme in the 1960s.

To the moon and beyond: What space exploration will look like in 2069

It's all about travelling to the places where life might be. This could be Mars, Jupiter's moon, Europa, or Saturn's moon.

The space renaissance is here. How can we ensure it gives lift-off to all?

Technological advances have opened access to space and enabled it to assume an important role in supporting global sustainability.