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Space Travel


Are we Martians? DNA survives entry into Earth’s atmosphere – Are planets source of life?

Exposed to the high temperatures of rapid transit through the upper atmosphere, DNA survives and even retains functionality.

Going Interplanetary – How Can We Build a Colony on Venus?

People hoping to colonize Venus will have to be satisfied with living in cities in the clouds, at least in the short term.

Shoot for the Moon: Its Surface Contains a Pot of Gold

The cost of helium-3 has skyrocketed. Less is available now for medical uses – unless, of course, we begin mining it on the moon.

Venus may have once been habitable: Can we make it that way again?

Data from NASA’s Magellan mission to Venus were found to support the idea of a once habitable Venus.

The Battle For The Soul Of The Space Force

Threats on orbit and emerging space commerce raise serious questions about the mission role and scope for the newly created U.S. Space Force.

The Physical Effects of Living in Space Could Create a New Human Species

If early colonies are restocked with new recruits from Earth, physiological changes will be modest. But subsequent colonists may sever the umbilical.

Going Interplanetary – How Can We Build a Lunar Colony?

In so many ways, a permanent human presence on the Moon could open the door to the entire Solar System.

Are We Going to Colonize the Moon?

With private aerospace companies like SpaceX hoping to make lunar tourism a reality, the message is clear: We’re going back to the Moon.

Astronauts Spending Long Time in Space Have Greater Dementia Risk, Claims New Study

Researchers are now working to solve all these issues as space agencies prepare to launch manned missions to Mars.

How to detect life on Mars

Scientists from SETG have developed a method to detect the tiniest traces of life on other planetary bodies.