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Space Travel


Mars: how Ingenuity helicopter made the first flight on another planet

What is the importance of Ingenuity’s maiden flight? Above anything, it is a technology and engineering achievement.

Five ways artificial intelligence can help space exploration

From designing missions to clearing Earth's orbit of junk, here are a few ways artificial intelligence can help us venture further in space.

Mars is Still an Active World. Here’s a Landslide in Nili Fossae

In the past few decades, robotic missions have found ample evidence that Mars is still an active place.

SpaceX will go to Mars in two years, then humans in four, Elon Musk says

Elon Musk plans to send the first SpaceX craft to Mars by 2022, with humans following within the next four to six years.

Mars colony: how to make breathable air and fuel from brine – new research

A new way has emerged to use the brine (salty water) found on Mars to make breathable air and fuel using electrolysis.

The Driest Place on Earth Could Help Predict How Life Might Be Surviving on Mars

In the next few years, Mars will be visited by three new rovers searching for evidence of past and present life.

One of the Terms of Service for Starlink Is that You “Recognize Mars as a Free Planet”

While Starlink and Musks’ other ventures are still subject to the law of the land here on Earth, Mars may be a different story.

The new space race: why we need a human mission to Mars

Having more than one home for humanity would increase the odds that our species survives a disaster on Earth.

How to live in space: what we’ve learned from 20 years of the International Space Station

As future missions to the Moon and Mars are planned, it's important to know what people need to thrive in dangerous environments.

What Martian Settlers Need to Know About Soil Can Teach Us How to Grow Better on Earth

When human beings start living on Mars for extended periods of time they will need to be as self-sufficient as possible.