challenging religious privilege in public life

The Truth Seeker


The Christian Fallacy

Christianity is founded on assertions about historical events in the first century ad. But these assertions are largely without supporting evidence.

The “Final Days” of Religion

We’re entering a new Secular Age when magical supernatural beliefs cannot be swallowed by educated modern people.

There are no Atheists in the White House

In the words of the late Jerry Falwell - who once said that God is pro-war - “If you’re not a born-again Christian, you’re a…

The Truth Seeker and the Great War

During the war, the Truth Seeker remained patriotic, and above reproach. It was, however, repeatedly suppressed for advocating secularism.

The Martyrdom of Bruno by the Christian Inquisition

The Vatican vehemently opposed any monument honouring Bruno. Pope Leo called the effort a “sacrilegious deed”.

Anthony Comstock and Free Speech in America

Comstock boasted that he was responsible for 4,000 arrests and claimed he drove fifteen persons to suicide in his "fight for the young".

The Liberty to Argue Freely: 19th Century Prosecution of Free Thinker D.M. Bennett

One of the prison authorities commented after learning D.M. Bennett was an infidel, “I don’t care any more for him than I do for a…

An Open Letter to Jesus Christ

Were not many of the old pagan priests and teachers models of virtue and purity compared with your clergymen of modern times?

The Bible in Common Schools

The Bible represents the supreme power of the universe in a most unfavorable light, making him changeable, revengeful, and cruel.

Denying and Welcoming the End: The Evangelical Duplicity

Since the science cannot be reasonably refuted, climate-change denial is far more easily advanced on biblical than on climatological grounds.