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Religion and Transhumanism

Religious people want to overcome the limitations of the body and mind and live forever, as do transhumanists.

What really is Transhumanism? Are you already partly Transhuman?

Transhumanism can be seen as three 'Super…': Superlongevity, Superintelligence and Superwellbeing.

Human extinction or Posthuman evolution?

We are the only species which is consciously capable of minimizing the risk of its extinction and control its own evolution in a desired direction.

Brain-Computer Interfaces: The Next Step in Human Evolution

We are well on our way as Homo sapiens to becoming a species that fully merges technology with our organic bodies.

Will Superintelligence cause our extinction or pave the way for a human species evolution?

There are top AI scientists who all point to 2030 as the time by when we will lose control over the (self)development of AI.

Managing Human’s Evolution

In practice, we have about one decade to put in place at least the main safeguards to control Superintelligence’s capabilities.

Will humans gradually become part of Superintelligence?

If we do nothing, our species may simply become extinct within this, or the next, century, as the consequence of a dozen existential risks.

The Future of Human Evolution in Space

What will humans look like in the distant future? Space travel may affect both biological and technological changes in our species.

Our brains as hard drives – could we delete, modify or add memories and skills?

At MIT’s Center for Neural Circuit Genetics, for example, scientists have modified memories in mice using an optogenetic interface.

Will Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCIs) make us Telepathic?

The biggest use of this technology would be in the medical field, where neural interfaces will treat diseases like Alzheimer’s.