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Vatican and Democracy


Explosive report finds hundreds of child sex abuse cases in German diocese

After five months of investigation, hundreds of alleged child abusers and victims have been identified in an 800-page independent report.

Spain legalises euthanasia and assisted suicide

Spanish MPs have legalised euthanasia and assisted suicide for people with serious and incurable or debilitating diseases.

How a group of California nuns challenged the Catholic Church

By the start of 1970, many of the Immaculate Heart sisters had decided to renounce their vows and reorganize as a lay community.

Catholic church cannot bless same-sex unions, Vatican decrees

The Vatican has said the church cannot bless same-sex unions, as God "does not bless sin", dashing the hopes of gay Catholics.

Mother and baby homes inquiry: now reveal the secrets of Ireland’s psychiatric hospitals

56,000 women spent time in mother and baby homes. What were the conditions like in all parts of the coercive confinement network?

How Catholic women fought against Vatican’s prohibition on contraceptives

50 years ago a fierce debate erupted in the Church over "Humanae Vitae", which reiterated the church's ban on artificial contraception.

Catholic Church prioritised own reputation over children: UK inquiry

The Catholic Church continues to prioritise its own reputation over the welfare of vulnerable children.

Cardinal Burke: Pro-Choice Joe Biden Shouldn’t Receive Communion

Cardinal Raymond Burke says that Joe Biden should be denied Communion because he defends abortion rights.

Catholic priest says Democrats are going to hell – and Texas bishop endorses him

A Texas bishop has backed a Wisconsin priest's claims that Democrats are going to hell due to the party's "godless platform".

Trump praises Catholic archbishop who urges him to fight ‘deep state’ protests

A Catholic Archbishop said Black Lives Matter protests are an orchestrated campaign by "the children of darkness" against "the children of light".