challenging religious privilege in public life



Are AI Ties With The Pope And Microsoft Safe For Choice?

One must wonder what the Pope brings to this discussion except the opportunity to bring his ideology into the center of a vital secular issue.

Ecological tipping points could occur much sooner than expected, study finds

More than a fifth of ecosystems worldwide, including the Amazon rainforest, are at risk of a catastrophic breakdown within a human lifetime.

Abortion Bans Link Advances To All Trump’s Tyrannies!

Failing to vote for Biden considering Trump's plans to undermine our freedoms is akin to me to voters committing felonies themselves!!

US Senate Hearing Highlights Impacts of ‘Horrific Anti-Abortion Crusade’

In Congress, Republicans continue to push for restrictions on abortion while in vitro fertilization and contraception are also at risk.

Population growth has contributed 80% of ecological overshoot

The human enterprise is in overshoot, depleting essential ecosystems and polluting the ecosphere beyond nature’s assimilative capacity.

Europe’s sectarian wars lasted forever

Corruption in the medieval Catholic Church triggered the Reformation, a never-ending bloodbath of Catholic-Protestant wars in Europe.

Caught on Tape, Alito Exposed as ‘Crusader for Christian Nationalism’

In a new, secret recording, the Supreme Court justice says he “agrees” that the U.S. should return to a place of godliness.

Does Hunter’s Conviction Help His Dad’s Election?

Do Americans would rather have a dictator tell us what our rights are on choice, voting, gun control, climate, religion or many other issues?

The 100-year life is here. This is how can we meet the challenges of longevity.

Most children in the developed world born since 2000 can expect to live up to 100 years and beyond.

The Conversion of Europe

The conversion of Europe is conditioned in modern thought by Christian stereotypes, spread by Christians in the intervening periods.