challenging religious privilege in public life



Why Should Trump, A Convicted Sexual Abuser, Get His Georgia Coup Prosecutor Ousted For A Love Affair?

Most lawyers I heard commenting on the case on TV argued that the evidence was not conclusive and that the Judge seemed uncertain himself.

The Trump Supreme Court Delays Justice On Deciding Immunity With His January 6th Coup Case!

Trump has won an unconscionable delay from the Court Trump packed who can now help the MAGA GOP put a fascist President in office!!

Superintelligence: The Final Frontier of Artificial Intelligence

As AI capabilities continue to advance, there is a concept that fascinates researchers, ethicists, and futurists: superintelligence.

Why the Catholic Church has survived for 2000 years

What distinguishes the tyranny of the Catholic Church is its explanation of its actions in terms of "virtue".

Is 150 years really the limit of human life span?

While most of us can expect to live to around 80, some people defy expectations and live to be over 100.

Women Here And Worldwide Pay A Vicious Price For Religious Anti Choice Ideology!

In what should have been an unfulfilled fringe attack from extreme right, partisans allowed the vicious anti women Roe decision to happen.

Trump’s Vows About How He Will Govern on Key Issues If Elected In 2024!

The MAGAs are apparently unrelenting going to support these Trump vows of retribution, hate, racism, and prolife tyranny for women.

Aren’t Atheists Afraid of Death and Dying?

Most atheists I know think speculation on an afterlife is as pointless as speculation on a "beforelife" would be.

How to create Superintelligence?

How could we create Superintelligence? All ingredients to create it are already here, apart from cognition and (eventually) consciousness.

Harmful tipping points pose some of the gravest threats faced by humanity

Five major tipping points are already at risk of being crossed due to warming right now and three more are threatened.