challenging religious privilege in public life



How Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Everything

Artificial Intelligence is a uniquely powerful technology that is altering every dimension of human life, often for the better.

Dr King’s 1/18/63 Interview with David Susskind Jolted JFK’s Lack Of Morality Into Action And Change On Civil Rights

King’s admonitions jolted President Kennedy’s inaction on civil rights into a speech on TV which brought Democrats closer to civil rights action.

‘Anti-Democratic Zealots’: US Abortion Opponents Seen as Growing, Wider Threat

The anti-choice movement has grown increasingly dangerous in recent years, with violent extremist groups gaining influence in state legislatures.

How Many Unvaccinated Are Religious? What Would Be Your Hope For Religion?

I have no problem with those who belong to religious congregations so long as they stay out of interfering with democratically derived secular law.

Will Trump’s 1/6/21 Hitlerlike Storm Trooper Plan To Destroy Our Democracy Ultimately Win?

Vote rigging in many states controlled by Republican legislatures could insure that Trump wins a 2nd term without another insurrection.

Understanding evangelicalism in America today

In 2006, almost a quarter of the American population identified as white evangelical, but only 14.5% the population does so today.

Another GOP Leader Says No To The House’s January 6th Request. Is That Now 100% So Far Of Those Who Oppose Seeking The Truth?

So far requests for appearances by GOP leaders with the House Commission on January 6th have mostly been declined.

How climate change and extreme weather may lead to food shortages and escalating prices

In a world with an increasing human population, climate change may have a serious impact on our ability to grow enough food.

War Won’t Solve A Thing Anymore! It Is Obselete

With overpopulation and climate change, the absurdity of not cooperating to survive becomes ever more evident.

Four ways artificial intelligence is helping us learn about the universe

Astronomers are turning to machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to build new tools to search for the next big breakthroughs.