challenging religious privilege in public life

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The history of white Christian Nationalism

The malignant effects of such ideologies are being intensely felt – as manifested in the Jan. 6 Capitol insurrection.

The future of Christianity

In 1900, about 80 percent of the world's Christian population lived in the Western world and about 20 percent in the majority world.

Biodiversity and the roles of human population and consumption: a debate

Population increase leads to faster consumption of resources, destruction of nature and decreasing biological diversity.

The Quixotic pursuit of sustainability

Atmospheric carbon has topped 420 parts per million this year, higher than at any time in the past 3 million years.

Superintelligence may be closer than most people think

AI is already very powerful, and most people agree that it will transform every industry and every aspect of our lives.

The Purpose of Human Existence (why we are here)

Purpose for humans is about more than surviving and reproducing. It’s about what we believe we should do in the brief time we're alive.

Does Religion Poison Everything?

I still think religion has seriously poisoned much of human life and still is doing so. But not quite "everything".

Earth’s nature is being ravaged by population growth

Humanity's rapid expansion leads to environmental destruction. Population growth needs to be ended as soon as possible for sustainability.

Beyond Science Fiction: How hybrid systems are becoming a reality?

Hybrid machines combining human anatomy with AI are becoming a reality with the recent innovations of hybrid transistors and biocomputers.

Scientists make a groundbreaking discovery in the quest for a longer life

Researchers have identified that removing harmful by-products of fat that naturally accumulate over time could do the trick.