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Gene editing on human embryos would not create ‘designer babies’

Researchers are moving forward with attempts to make edits to human embryos using CRISPR and other genome editing techniques.

Biotechnology, synthetic biology keys to humans colonizing other planets

Living anywhere in our Solar System beyond Earth will require the same level of protection that an astronaut needs while walking in space.

Synthetic biology crucial to human missions to Mars

In the case of Mars, a major resource that can be processed by synthetic biology is the atmosphere.

Why Conservative Christians Feel Threatened by Consent, Queers, Contraceptives, and Child Protection

Some people say that the best evidence against the Bible’s God is that his public relations team is so inept. I think they are stuck.

Might astronauts bring back a deadly disease from Mars?

It is extremely unlikely that microorganisms native to Mars, or another world in our Solar System, will be harmful to human health.

Life on Mars? Will we find it? Will we colonize the Red Planet?

The planet Mars has been the focus of two ambitious projects: the search for life forms native to the planet and human colonization.

Brain-machine interfaces as a challenge to the “moment of singularity”

We cannot flee the challenge of delaying or avoiding Ray Kurzweil's prediction. We must embrace it. That is our responsibility.

Holy Freeloading! 10 Ways Religious Groups Suck on the Public Purse

Religion is big business. There are lots of options (over 30,000 variants of Christianity alone), and if the scale is right it can pay really,…