challenging religious privilege in public life

A. S. Deller


The Future Path of Human Evolution

People continue to evolve even as our societies become more interconnected. What are we becoming now, and what might we become?

Chasing Immortality

There may well be a way to create a true immortality loop for humans, given enough time and technological advancement.

The Case for Galactic Expansion

Leaving Earth does not mean "leaving Earth behind". We must address the problems we face on Earth today.

Our Future is Galactic

Humanity’s destiny awaits beyond Earth, and the foundation for the move into space must be built by our generation.

The Business of Space: One Giant Leap

There are over 13,000 near-Earth objects that might hold untold riches. The possibilities for business success in space are endless.

Brain-Computer Interfaces: The Next Step in Human Evolution

We are well on our way as Homo sapiens to becoming a species that fully merges technology with our organic bodies.

How Life in Space Will Change Us

Zero-G living and cosmic rays are dangerous obstacles to navigate. The effects on our bodies and minds will be far-reaching.

Brain-Computer Interface Technology Applications in Space

While BCIs aren’t an extremely recent invention, in-depth research on how this technology might be implemented in space is relatively new.