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A. S. Deller


The Need for LongEvangelism

Getting the word out about life extension is a lot harder than it should be. Human longevity needs a hero.

“The Science and Technology of Growing Young”: An interview with Sergey Young

Sergey Young: Truly extraordinary advances in longevity are just around the corner, set to arrive in a matter of years, not decades.

How Might Alien Life Evolve on Other Planets?

The chances that we might discover analogs to Homo Sapiens are small, but it may be likely that we find recognizable interstellar cousins.

How to Rule Our Robots

In the near future, our robot cousins will need to behave if we are to avoid an apocalyptic robot war.

Common Misconceptions about Life Extension and Longevity

As we progress into a future where science unlocks keys to living longer, we need to be wary of misunderstandings.

Can Our Minds Live Forever?

Many scientists believe that with enough advances in technology we will eventually be able to make a copy of ourselves.

Exoplanets: The Amazing Possibilities of Faraway Worlds

Proxima Centauri b is the nearest exoplanet to us outside the Solar System, and it may be more habitable than previously thought.

Will an A.I. Ever Think and Feel Like a Human?

The quest for artificial intelligence could yield something that not only out-thinks humanity but can also feel emotion like us.

The Robotic World of the Near Future

We are just entering a time driven by intelligent and specialized machines, and the possibilities are limitless.

Living Up to Our Potential: The Quest for Human Life Extension

People who maintain a healthy lifestyle and have access to rejuvenation biotechnologies will be able to live past 120.