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Brain-Computer Interfaces


The first Neuralink brain implant signals a new phase for human-computer interaction

The first human patient has received an implant from brain-chip startup Neuralink and is recovering well, the company's founder Elon Musk said.

How to create super-intelligence through brain augmentation

Creating super intelligence through brain augmentation is currently a hot topic in both scientific literature and the media.

Revolutionary brain-computer interface offers hope to paralysed patients

A 48-year-old in New York City has become the first to receive a permanent brain implant that could allow him to communicate telepathically.

The New Neuroscience of Connecting Brains with Machines – and How It Will Change Our Lives

A pioneering neuroscientist shows how the long-sought merger of brains with machines is about to become a paradigm-shifting reality.

Scientific breakthrough: Man uses brain-computer interface to request beer

A completely paralysed man has used a brain implant to ask his caregivers for a beer and to listen to the band Tool.

What really is Transhumanism? Are you already partly Transhuman?

Transhumanism can be seen as three 'Super…': Superlongevity, Superintelligence and Superwellbeing.

Why We Need Mathematics to Understand the Brain

We will never be able to understand how the brain works without the use of mathematics and related applied fields of physics and engineering.

How Machine Learning Will Enable Technologies That Anticipate What The Brain Thinks

With the integration of machine learning, BMIs may one day be able to anticipate the contextual needs of situations a patient finds themselves in.

Scientists Combine Brain Magnetic Fields, Eye-Tracking to Control Computers

Researchers are developing a unique gaze-based system to control a computer with “the power of thought”.

Scientists connect human brain to computer wirelessly for the first time

BrainGate researchers have demonstrated human use of a wireless transmitter capable of delivering high-bandwidth neural signals.