Who said you have a future?

By Mikhail Batin | 31 October 2017

(Photo by Einar Storsul on Unsplash)

So, who told you that you have a future?

Those whose parents have bought them a future have one. But what about those without rich parents?

Mathematical Olympiad winners have a future. But what about those without mathematical skills?

Strong people have a future. But how can one can be strong, if they are weak?

People willing to endure pain for the sake of their goal have a future. But what if you cannot endure pain?

Those who know much have a future. But what if you know little and you’re not quite keen on learning?

You have heard the following words many times before: “we have to act”; “just do anything”.

I wonder.

Do you think anyone ever heard the phrase “you should study and work hard?” Those students before you — did they get some other recommendations?

Millions and billions of people craving for a better life — have they never heard that they should go forth and everything is in their hands?

Why then are there so many unhappy people? Why do people agree to live poorly?

In reality they’ve never had such an opportunity. They had no inner capabilities to change their lives. Our abilities are genetically determined. Not only physical characteristics but also our character, desires and willpower are all determined by our biological nature.

Studies on twins separated in childhood showed that despite the fact that they had lived in different environments, their fates were often alike. The reason is that they had the same genetics.

But the situation is much worse.

Even if you are lucky with education and career, you will still get old and die. Here’s what your future really looks like: you will lose your health and beauty, ability to think and move and then eventually you will die.

Human life is finite, and therein lies its tragedy. No matter how wonderful the things happening to us are, aging will take over our abilities and then it will kill us.

Everything we do, we do in the face of death. It is death who makes an estimation of our lives. And the estimation is always the same — zero. Our dreams, desires and feelings perish. We perish forever. The tragedy of death lies in its irreversibility.

But now, thanks to technology, we have a chance no one in the whole history of our civilization has ever had.

First, we discovered mammals with negligible senescence. Their chance of death doesn’t increase with age. Has anyone of you heard anything about non-aging animals? They are among us. A naked mole rat, Brandt’s bat, the list goes on…

Secondly, scientists learned how to extend the life of model animals using genetic engineering. Lives of a worm and a mouse were extended 10 and 2 times respectively.

Thirdly, we started to understand a certain about human genetics. There are about 1000 genes associated with aging and longevity. Modern science is one step away from the development of the gene therapy of aging.

Would you like to have a choice: to get older or not?

Now I want to tell you something. These are the most important words you have ever heard. You will either do as I say or perish.

So, change your genome.

Become the other. Become better, become stronger, become smarter. Change your biology. Press for the creation of the gene therapy. Become immortal.

What is gene therapy?

Gene therapy is changing of organism’s features by editing its genome.

It is already used on humans but still quite rare talking about a specific set of congenital diseases. But it helps, when nothing else can help.

If you find a lamp with a genie, your first wish should be: “I want the fulfilment of countless wishes”. Gene therapy is your lamp with a genie. And your first wish should be — I want to become immortal.

Indeed, more than 100 clinical trials of gene therapy are launched every year. But I would like to extend the research scale. I would like to extend it to the said gene therapy of aging. We should incorporate in this process.

Going beyond biological capacity is the essence of human nature. Science and technology have achieved impressive results. Today we can act millions of times faster than evolution. Our main objective is improvement yourself.

Friedrich Nietzsche said in the 19th century: “A man is a rope stretched between an animal and a superman”. Look out the window, there’s already the twenty-first century outside. Nanorobots, artificial intelligence, gene therapy. The age of the superman has come.

But it is a challenge for people with iron will and incredible intelligence. How can weak people like I and you lift such a heavy stone? How can poor people get things, of which rich men dream for thousands of years?

There are three simple steps.

First of all to understand that death is the biggest problem. It is this realization of this fact that will make you sensible, humane creatures.

Answer the question, what life strategy is the best for you? It is one allowing you to stay alive. The best behavior is one leading to victory over aging and death. It is a very simple idea.

The second step is slightly more complicated and it is collective action.

Hundreds of thousands of people together and, by the way, free, have created Wikipedia as the largest body of texts in the world. If you have abilities and you become a scientist, write 100 pages of scientific research.

But even without any abilities, you can write one line on your Facebook page: “I stand for immortality”. It does not require anything from you. But when such messages become numerous enough, you will influence the opinion of others.

The majority of people don’t have their own opinion; they simply repeat what they’ve heard many times. And in this struggle for the recognition of aging to be a problem, a disease, a struggle for radical life extension, we need to make a social order. Yes, we all need to influence public opinion.

Find people who are willing to act for immortality together with you, me, for example. Then our weak efforts will become the biggest power in the world. Associates will make you stronger and more powerful and eventually immortal.

So, we have recognized the problem and agreed to work together. Otherwise imperfect people as we are have no chance at all.

But we won’t get lasers from our eyes at once. We’ll have to do something.

Thirdly. Here is the game I offer you to play. Look at the Ice Bucket Challenge.

It was a campaign to support people suffering from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. The essence is simple: you pour a bucket of icy water on your head and nominate your friends to do the same. If they don’t want to pour icy water on themselves, they can donate money. As a result, everyone both poured water on themselves and made donation, and nominated others as well. Celebrities took part in the campaign, and it was a great success.

As a result of the campaign large funds were raised and excellent research was conducted. Scientists have found mutations associated with the disease. And yes, now development of the gene therapy is required to cure the sick.

Everything is great with this project. Here you can find scientific work and Facebook posts, a non-commercial approach and viral distribution.

We need to create a serial something no less outstanding than the Ice Bucket Challenge in favor of immortality. We’ll change the society by combining small efforts of millions of people. We’ll accelerate scientific researches in the field of aging. We’ll accelerate the emergence of the gene therapy of aging.

I have talked a lot about immortality. But if it is too little futurism for you, then here you are:

My generation is the last generation of humanity as the dominant form of intelligence on the Earth.

I talked about immortality and gene therapy, as a way of achieving immortality. But changing of our genome is an intermediate goal. The main one is to become a superintelligence.

Never forget about artificial intelligence.

In the first hour after its emergence, the full AI will make itself a million times smarter. It will never stop expanding its capacities and it will never reckon your wishes, unless you are a Superintelligence yourself.

None of us has enough resources to win the race with such a technology. Governments or large corporations are as yet ahead. But if thousands or millions of people join together with the aim to become artificial intelligence themselves, there will none equal to us. The important point is that we need to do it all together and at the same time.

How will it be?

A new social network will arise allowing users to access a restricted AI solving their personal tasks, including tasks of a medical nature.

Social networks now operate in favor of procrastination. But a new format will prevail maximizing the benefit.

Neurointerface technologies will simplify human-computer integration as much as possible. Let’s become a part of it.

I’ve told you about transhumanism today. It is the idea of expanding human capabilities through science and technology.

So, what future awaits us?

We will either become supermen or die. Choose the first, become transhumanists, work with me. You have the ball now.

Here’s what happens next.

A month will pass after my speech. You’ll start paying attention to how much they say online about biotechnologies, neurointerfaces, nanorobots.

You’ll see a lot of proofs of my words.

You’ll still have the ball. I’m waiting for the pass. Find me. For example, on Facebook right now. My name is Mikhail Batin (Михаил Батин).


Reprinted with permission from the author.

Mikhail Batin is a writer, transhumanist, politician, entrepreneur, and scientist. He is the founder and President of the Science for Life Extension Foundation and co-founder and CEO of the Open Longevity Project. Batin has several successfully-produced projects in the longevity field to his name, and has conducted several international scientific conferences and multiple lectures and schools on longevity, as well as organised studies of voluntary aging therapy. He has successfully made Russia the epicenter of interest in radical extension of life and physical immortality.

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