challenging religious privilege in public life

John G. Messerly


Religion and the Meaning of Life: The Problem

The main problem with any religious answer to the question of the meaning of life is that, in general, religious beliefs are probably false.

The End of Religion: Technology and the Future

Science is the only cognitive authority in the world today. It explains forces that were once dark and mysterious.

Religion’s smart-people problem: The shaky intellectual foundations of faith

There are good reasons to doubt that religious belief makes people’s lives go better, and good reasons to believe that they make their lives go…

Transhumanism and Religion

Today the comfort provided by archaic religious superstitions impedes advancement and therefore should be set aside.

Ethicists Generally Agree: The Pro-Life Arguments Are Worthless

The pro-life arguments fail, primarily because the fetus satisfies few if any of the necessary and sufficient conditions for personhood.

Death is an Ultimate Evil

Death is one of the worst fates that can befall us, despite the consolations offered by the deathists – the lovers of death.

Christianity and Abortion: Scripture and Church Tradition

The arguments for the pro-life position are seriously deficient, while the opposing arguments are philosophically robust.

To better the world, humans need to be more intelligent and moral. We must evolve.

In the intellectual realm we need to utilize technology to augment our intelligence by any means possible—including artificial intelligence.

Death Should Be Optional

There are important reasons to be suspicious about the anti-immortality arguments – many are made by those who profit from death.

Death is Bad

Perhaps with our hard-earned knowledge we can slay death, thereby opening up the possibility for more meaningful lives.