Pro-Life Group Asks Progressive Politician To Help Stop Abortions; He Sends Back Condoms

By Jameson Parker | 21 August 2014
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James Woods (no, not that James Woods) is an openly atheist progressive candidate running for Congress in Arizona. He also has little patience for people who want to limit women’s right to choose.

National Pro-Life Alliance is a conservative pro-life group which leans on politicians to enact and support policies that make it harder for women to get abortions. They are one of the largest pro-life lobbying groups in the country and count some major political figures as supporters. Rand Paul even recorded a special message for them blasting Roe v. Wade which features prominently on the group’s website.

One of the things National Pro-Life Alliance does is encourage its supporters to write letters to all potential political candidates asking them to commit to abolishing abortion rights and protecting the “sanctity of life.” Woods, who has always supported abortion rights, began receiving these letters demanding he change his position.

According to a press release sent by woods, his response is probably not what they had in mind (emphasis added):

In response to a handful of form letters sent to the Woods for Congress campaign by local anti-abortion advocates, James Woods is mailing back gifts that are proven to quickly and effectively reduce unintended pregnancy and abortion: condoms.

“A national anti-abortion organization had a few local constituents write to me asking me to stand in between women and personal private medical decisions,” says Woods, a progressive Democrat running against Representative Matt Salmon in Arizona’s CD5. “I’m not willing to do that. But I am willing to support policies that both protect women’s autonomy and reduce unintended pregnancies and abortions.”

Woods says he will support proven pro-woman, pro-family initiatives such as those that expand publicly supported family planning services, which currently prevent 1.3 million pregnancies per year. He also favors stronger government empowerment programs for low-income women and their children, as well as comprehensive sex education in K-12 schools.

He may disappoint the pro-life group, but he had me nodding my head in agreement. As has been noted again and again, the most effective reducer of abortions and unwanted pregnancies is not abstinence, religion in school or shuttering abortion clinics; it’s contraceptives.

If the pro-life community really wanted to reduce abortions, they would throw money and support for greater access to condoms and hormonal birth control, not overturning Roe v. Wade. Of course, they won’t do that because it would mean admitting people are having sex for pleasure – sometimes even, gasp, outside of marriage. If there is one thing pro-life groups hate more than abortion, it’s sexual freedom. What is a pregnancy if not the necessary and acceptable punishment for having a bit of fun in the bedroom?

By the way, if you want your very own “prevent abortion” condom to give to the pro-life organization in your life and also help out Woods’ campaign, you can buy some of the condoms on his website.

Condoms save lives, prevent unintended pregnancies and defend against STIs. Stand with James Woods for Congress in promoting sexually healthy and responsible communities!

Woods is currently running unopposed in the Democratic primaries, but he faces a tough challenge in the form of Republican incumbent Matt Salmon. Apparently, Arizona’s conservative 5th district is slow to warm up to an atheist, unapologetic progressive with the courage of his convictions and a ton of condoms meant to troll pro-lifers and encourage safe sex. Who would have thought?

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  1. I wish I resided in AZ’s 5th Congressional District. I would not only vote for the atheist progressive (could he also be a Unitarian Universalist?), I would actively campaign for him by handing out his condoms door-to-door. I wish we had a Democratic candidate with this kind of sensible thinking in Arkansas, another über conservative voting in the “forced- birthers” (good moniker!)


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