Pat Robertson Calls For Establishing Biblical Law As The Law Of The Land

By Stephen D. Foster Jr. | 22 December 2014
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Pat Robertson is openly calling for replacing the Constitution with the Bible as the law of the land.

In the Constitution, you will not find any reference to the Bible whatsoever. No mention of Jesus, God, the disciples, prophets, Satan, angels, demons, Christianity, or even of the book itself. The only mention of religion in the document states that we the people have the freedom to practice whatever religion we choose and prohibits the government from establishing a state sponsored religion.

For over 220 years, the Constitution had been the foundation of our government and legal system. But ever since the Constitution became the law of the land, religious fundamentalists have tried time and time again to shred it in favor of biblical law. In the last 70 years alone, conservative “Christians” have made every effort to turn America from a religiously neutral nation of laws into a theocracy.

They have never been closer to achieving their dangerous and destructive goal than they are at this moment. And now Pat Robertson is openly calling for replacing the Constitution with the Bible.

During his 700 Club program on Monday, Robertson claimed that freedom will be lost if Americans don’t accept biblical law right now. He also claimed that biblical law has always been the foundation of the United States.

“This country was raised as honoring the Bible, how far have we come now where we have allowed a few atheists to destroy the very foundations of our culture and we’re in danger of losing all of our freedom because our freedom rests, ladies and gentlemen, rests on the word of God,” Robertson said.

Robertson said God is why we have rights and why we have justice and that now accepting the Bible as the law would amount to giving up our freedom and guaranteeing injustice. He then claimed America would transform into a brutal dictatorship unless we trash the Constitution and surrender to biblical law.

“You take away the Bible and you have the Nazis and you have the Communists and you have the dictators and you have evil rampant. America is still a Christian country but is far, far, far away from where it used to be,” Robertson concluded.

Here’s the video via Right Wing Watch:

Once again, Pat Robertson and those who agree with him need to be reminded about the true history of early America.

As previously mentioned, if the Founding Fathers intended America to be a Christian nation governed by biblical law, one would think they would have repeatedly enshrined such an intention in the Constitution itself. But they didn’t. Instead, religion is mentioned in general and the government is specifically BANNED from establishing a state religion. Therefore, Christianity and biblical law cannot replace the Constitution. Only the Constitution is the law of the land. Any attempt to subvert the Constitution is treason.

In addition, the Founding Fathers left behind their own words as proof that religion and government should be totally separate. Chief among them is James Madison, the Father of the Constitution. He himself specifically stated that separation of church and state is a main principle of the Constitution. You can read his words and the words of multiple founders by clicking here.

If conservatives are still on the fence at this point, it might be worth pointing out that even conservative icon Barry Goldwater opposed biblical law and con artists like Pat Robertson who push for it. To read his views, just click here.

The fact is, the reason we have the Constitution and separation of church and state is because of the bloodshed and strife caused by European nations that were controlled by religion. Biblical law has been tried before in human history. It has only resulted in tyranny, persecution, and death. This is why we have a Constitution that protects the religious freedom of all people and forbids the intermingling of religion and government. That’s why biblical law has NEVER been the law in this country.

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  1. So people, that means , that if your daughter has sex before marriage we get to stone her, if your wife cheats on you we get to stone her too. If that makes you happy then go for it but don't force your beliefs on everyone, I' ll let God be my judge.
    Oh I forgot, a lot of you don't believe in God. Well then I guess the big question is, Would you rather believe in God and then find out there isn't one when you die or live not believing in God and then find out there is one when you die.
    What is happening to religion in this country is the same thing Islamic terrorist do by interpreting the words to the way that work for them to spread evil. There is no way the Bible can be the law of the land because no two group would ever agree on its interpretation. That means more internal wars.

  2. It’s not a question ‘rather believe in ‘god’ and find out there isn’t one…’. …You can’t pretend to believe something that you just don’t believe…Not believing doesn’t mean I am not a caring, reasonable, compassionate person…I just can find no evidence to base such a belief on…

  3. Basing anything on the Bible is absurd since it’s based on a fictional 6,000 year-old Earth and creationism. For example, how do ‘believers’ reconcile the Bible account of human origins with the fact that most people have some Neanderthal DNA because some humans migrating from Africa – the birthplace of human evolution – mated with Neanderthals? Further proof is the fact that Africans whose ancestors never left Africa have no Neanderthal DNA. More solid evidence for evolution, etc. More solid evidence the Bible is a work-of-fiction which belongs alongside Gulliver’s Travels etc on bookshelves. It was a reasonable account of human origins way back then. But, totally unreasonable in 2017. A clear example of religion’s very-real attributes i.e. mega cash-cow and powerful tool of control for its powerful, wealthy vested interests.

  4. I predict that religion will cause humans and other species to go extinct in the next 100 years with out Biblical Law. If every religion did this we may have 20 years left. Science needs to be in control or we are doomed. Please think and think again.


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