White Evangelicals See Trump As ‘Honest’ And ‘Morally Upstanding’

25 June 2020

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Close to two-thirds of white evangelicals say that President Trump is “honest” and “morally upstanding”.

NPR reports:

White evangelicals in the United States, the core of President Donald Trump’s political base, have far more positive views of his personal conduct and character than other U.S. adults.

By a nearly 2-to-1 margin, white evangelicals are more likely than other Americans to say the terms “morally upstanding” and “honest” describe Trump at least “fairly well,” according to a new survey from the Pew Research Center.

The evangelical assessment does come with some reservations. Only about 15% of white evangelicals, for example, say “morally upstanding” describes Trump “very well,” while another 45% say the term applies to Trump “fairly well.” Two-thirds of U.S. adults as a whole say that characterization fits him “not too well” or “not at all well.”

As NPR noted in its analysis of the poll, the high marks among the religious group could have some other motivations:

One explanation for white evangelicals’ attachment to Trump is that they see him as a political ally,” the report noted. “The Pew survey found that 63% of white evangelical Protestants believe their side has been ‘winning politically’ under the Trump presidency. That’s a dramatic turnaround from 2016, when less than one in four white evangelicals saw themselves as on the winning side.

White evangelical Protestants are not alone in their admiration of Trump, the survey found.

For example, roughly two-thirds of white Catholics say the phrase “fights for what I believe in” describes Trump very well or fairly well, and 68% of white Catholics say “intelligent” is a fairly or very good descriptor of Trump. Similar shares of white Protestants who are not born-again or evangelical Christians say the same. And more than half of people in both groups say they agree with Trump on many, nearly all or all of the important issues facing the country.

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  1. Jesus could not come to the USA, being from the Middle East brown in color. Son of migrants never seen with a woman,Republicans are very concerned about someone else’s sexual preference

  2. All roads lead to Jerry Falwell, Jr. He was on track to endorse evangelical favorite Ted Cruz, but he decided to endorse Trump instead. Why? Well…it involves “the pool guy,” a payoff, and measures to make the whole problem “go away.”

    Comedy meets good connect-the-dots investigative journalism in this hilarious, profane, and well-researched piece from August 2019.

    Full Frontal Investigates: The Case of Jerry Falwell, Jr., the Pool Boy, Michael Cohen, & Tom Arnold

  3. The GOP convention blather has wound its way to a droning end with nothing of sincerity having been said in an attempt to cover the nothing of real human importance that Trump has failed to get done. The American people are more than ever left with the mess of disregard and doomsday blundering that has come of Trump.

    The man has publicly proven himself to be as sickening as members of his family and inner circle have off record privately mumble about, and more openly wiggle their writing pens in sickening regurgitation. In a distorting witch’s mirror on the wall Trump intends for shame to be seen as fame, destructiveness as dedication, and his sickeningly prurient passions considered to be in holy harmony with God the Father’s ordained manly fashion—let us pray, for God’s sake!.

    Soon each and every American citizen in exercise of their right to vote will have the opportunity to cast a ballot indicating who they are and lastly prove themselves to be: (*) as corruptly twisted as Trump has revealed himself to be, or (*) as a person of enlightened and determined responsibility to do unto others as they would have done unto themselves and their progeny that is loved so much.

  4. More important than WHEN so many Christians traded their love of Christ’s teachings for being on the ‘politically winning’ side, is the question of WHY?


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