challenging religious privilege in public life

Mark Tier


The Science of the Bible: The Creation

God created light on the first day – but he doesn’t get around to creating any source of light until the fourth day. And there’s…

The Science of the Bible: The Flood

Why a flood? Since God created man why not simply strike all the evil people dead? And why destroy every animal?

The Science of the Bible: The Ark

One other thing: Genesis 7:4 tells us that God gave Noah just seven days’ notice of the coming flood.

The Science of the Bible: The Story of Jonah

What kind of fish, if any, could swallow a man whole? and, if there is such a fish, could a man live in its stomach…

The Science of the Bible

Pope Clement VI: The Black Death (the plague) is a "pestilence with which God is afflicting the Christian people".

Reason, Science and the Church

When Christianity was declared Rome’s monopoly religion in 380 CE, Greek knowledge was violently suppressed.