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Origins of Life


Mars is the next step for humanity – we must take it

The technological gap between us and Mars is far smaller than it was for the Moon programme in the 1960s.

Underground Liquid Water Detected on Mars?

Given its importance to future missions, it is vitally important that scientists determine where water is on Mars.

Mars rover found a “treasure” of organic matter, possible signature of life

NASA's rover Perseverance is investigating signs of ancient life on Mars, and it has now collected some of the most promising samples.

Super-Earths are bigger, more common and more habitable than Earth itself – and astronomers are discovering more of the billions they think are out there

Based on current projections, about a third of all exoplanets are super-Earths, making them the most common type of exoplanet in the Milky Way.

To search for alien life, astronomers will look for clues in the atmospheres of distant planets – and the James Webb Space Telescope just proved it’s possible to do so

While Earth is the only known place in the universe with life, detecting life beyond Earth is a major goal of modern astronomy.

Taking Earth with us: Is space exploration “sustainable”?

In the coming decades, space agencies from around the world will be venturing farther out into space than ever before.

How Might Alien Life Evolve on Other Planets?

The chances that we might discover analogs to Homo Sapiens are small, but it may be likely that we find recognizable interstellar cousins.

Cities in Space: Inspiring Future Generations to Live Off-World

In the coming decades, things are going to become very busy with plans to return to the Moon and explore Mars.

The science of becoming “interplanetary”: Could humans live in the asteroid belt?

With the right technology and spirit of adventure, the Main Asteroid Belt could become the industrial hub of the Solar System.

The Logistics of Going “Interplanetary”: What Does It Take to Live on the Moon?

Humans have been dreaming of living on the Moon, but what would that look like exactly?