Wildlife in decline: the impact of human population growth and consumption

By Nastaran Rahnama | 22 June 2023
The Overpopulation Project

(Photo by Darke Lv on Unsplash)

In a short film about wildlife loss, Nastaran Rahnama takes a broad approach, investigating food sold in the UK, its production far away, and the links to population growth and declining large mammals.

In my lifetime including living in Iran, England, and traveling, I noticed that the natural world and the sound of wildlife is decreasing. More traffic, and more social pressure, made me think about why we humans are so trapped in our social programming, working against ourselves and nature around us. As a child, I never wanted to procreate seeing how invasive humanity is, I wanted to be independent, professional, and help others. I did not have any access to reproductive rights in Iran and unfortunately, I had to face so many obstacles and threats when I was younger. I am now 46 and I feel I achieved my childhood dreams, and I did not procreate despite being surrounded by a society where most people have children by default.

I dedicated my time and money into making a “Space to Live” film to share the solutions in the story of my personal journey. I wanted to inspire others to be in the place where I feel more people deserve to be and for a more positive impact on society and the biosphere. I was hoping that I can make a difference and slow down the problem that the biosphere is facing because of growing human numbers and consumption by offering an alternative vision and bringing awareness about the problem which is hardly spoken of in society. I hope you enjoy watching my film.

Reprinted with permission from Frank Götmark – Project leader of The Overpopulation Project (TORP); Professor, Animal ecology and Conservation Biology, University of Gothenburg.

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