Conservative Dream Come True: 11-Year-Old Rape Victim Forced To Give Birth

By Stephen D. Foster Jr. | 14 August 2015
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In this May 14 photo, a 13-year-old girl, who said she was raped by her stepfather, holds her baby at a shelter for troubled children in Ciudad del Este, Paraguay. (Photo: Jorge Saenz / Associated Press)
In this May 14 photo, a 13-year-old girl, who said she was raped by her stepfather, holds her baby at a shelter for troubled children in Ciudad del Este, Paraguay. (Photo: Jorge Saenz / Associated Press)

An 11-year-old girl who was raped and impregnated has been forced to give birth after being denied an abortion several months ago. Conservatives must be giddy right about now.

It’s a scenario that Republicans would love to see play out here in America where abortion is a constitutional right for women. But sadly, women and girls do not have any such right in Paraguay.

Earlier this year, a 10-year-old girl was raped by her mother’s 42-year-old boyfriend, Gilberto Martinez Zarate. After going to the doctor for stomach pains, it was discovered she was pregnant and authorities arrested Zarate in May and charged the girl’s mother with neglect. Unfortunately, the girl lives in a country where the government is controlled by religious anti-abortion zealots so she was denied an abortion.

International outrage has ensued ever since, as human rights groups have blasted the Paraguayan government for putting the little girl’s life at risk.

And the now 11-year-old girl certainly was lucky to survive.

She gave birth this month via C-section and she’ll never have a chance at a normal childhood.

According to Agence France-Presse:

Amnesty International called on Paraguay’s government to repeal its strict anti-abortion law, saying the girl was lucky to be alive.

Erika Guevara, the rights group’s director for the Americas, said the fact that the child survived “does not excuse the human rights violations she suffered at the hands of the Paraguayan authorities.”

Officials in the South American country “decided to gamble with her health, life and integrity despite overwhelming evidence that this pregnancy was extremely risky and despite the fact that she was a rape victim and a child,” she said.

UNICEF notes that at least two girls between 10 and 14 give birth every day in Paraguay and three girls are currently preparing to give birth in the same hospital where the 11-year-old gave birth this week.

Of course, the same could happen here in the United States if conservatives have their way. For years, Republicans have sought to ban abortion, even in cases of rape and incest. That means little girls who are impregnated by their rapists would be forced to give birth against their will. They would have no choice as conservatives would control the bodies of these girls. This, of course, would make pedophiles very happy because they could rape and impregnate any little girl they want with the knowledge that conservatives would help them continue to torture their victims and give them the ability to seek parental rights later on so they can continue a vicious cycle.

And the evidence that Republicans would gleefully force raped little girls to give birth against their will comes not only from their own legislative agendas, but from their mouths as well.

Over the years, especially in recent years, Republicans have spoken of rape as if it is an acceptable method of conception sanctioned by God. Just click here to find 40 such examples of conservatives talking about their opposition to abortion exceptions for rape victims. And yes, if Republicans had their way, even child victims of rape would be forced to carry pregnancies to term, even if it means they could die from the attempt. And to add insult to injury, if any of those girls should lose a pregnancy that was forced upon them, conservatives would also love nothing more than to imprison them for having a miscarriage.

So next time you go into a voting booth, be sure to remember that your vote could allow conservatives to have the ability to destroy the lives of little girls across the country. Basically, your vote could turn America into Paraguay.

Back in 1991, the International Services Assistance Fund (ISAF) co-produced a TV quality 22-minute film called “Whose Choice?” which Ted Turner arranged to broadcast on September 21, 1992 in prime time on his then independent Turner Broadcast System (TBS). Other outlets such as PBS and several of its affiliates ISAF contacted then refused to run it because of its forthright treatment of the abortion issue, arguing for all women’s right to choose not to have a baby. ISAF has made a new edition of that DVD. The purpose for reissuing this 3rd version of “Whose Choice?” was simply to show the historical urgency that attended those times, still blocked and attacked over 40 years after the Roe v Wade decision in 1973. This video is available for public viewing for the first time.

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  1. This is beyond anything I have ever heard. I am pro-choice, always have been. I am grateful to live in a country where I have that right and I’ll be damn if that right is going to be taken away from me. A right is not based on one religion, because if it were, women and children would not be seen let alone heard. If we really look at what many of those who are against abortion are a complaining about, you will realize that they are voicing unfounded facts and a whole lot of fear. Rape and incest victims are already in pain and denying them any chance to heal is the criminal act. I am just sharing my opinion and it is my right to share it, well that’s my right at this momen.

    • You are losing your rights.
      The religionists are on the march in the States and winning this year everywhere.
      Islam, far far worse, is being introduced and using the same laws that the Christians are using to gain the same, and more, privileges.
      They are also having our freedom of speech destroyed by convincing the bleeding hearts that Islam should have the right not to be insulted. And the Christians, previously domesticated and accustomed to criticism, now are also demanding their 'just deserts'.
      They will take even more of your pro-choice rights, which they consider to be abuse of rights.

  2. The saddest part is that we are missing the whole part. This poor girl was raped. We turn it into an abortion thing, but it is a rape thing. So basically some jerk stole this girls innocence and now she is to choose between having the child or killing it. Not a choice she is equipped to make. We have walked several girls through these situations and the majority now have a little bundle of joy they are proud of, despite the horrible beginnings.

    • But she didn’t have a choice in having the baby, or killing it. She was forced to have the baby, none of this– from the rape to the birth of her child– has been her choice. The government has failed her in every step of the way.

    • As an adult you should know that it’s not even a choice she should have to make. Damn, if a child gets pregnant it shouldn’t even be a question, especially not if there’s a threat to her life.
      Abortion should be the first thing to do in a case like the one(s) described above, then deal with the mental damage that these incredibly gross men cause.
      Be that as it may that they have their little “bundle of joy” and are “proud”. For the sake of all that’s holy, listen to yourself?! When it comes down to it, it is completely irrelevant whether or not they end up being happy mothers at age 12 BECAUSE THEY SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN FORCED TO BECOME MOTHERS TO BEGIN WITH.

    • WTF….can you imagine what it would be like to carry a rapist's spawn for nine f*** months. I was raped as a 16 year old virgin. If I was forced to keep one part of that vile creature inside of me I would have killed myself. What a hateful, despicable person you are!!!! The spawn would feel nothing if it was removed…the child would relive that horrific moment every day, and every time it kicked those memories would come flooding in. What a heartless wrench you are. As a rape victims myself, I am extremely offended that you would care more about the rapist (providing him a new child), then the victim. I am literally nauseous.

    • If a little girl of 10 or 11 got PG her little body would never be able to carry a baby full term it would kill her. So the baby would end up in foster care

  3. Regardless of how it was worded, no ten year old should ever be forced to give birth. Rape or otherwise. That’s it. End of story. Anything else is barbaric and irresponsible. It has *nothing* to do with political party, and *everything* to do with compassion.

  4. Are the conservatives going to take responsibility for the raising of these children? Or when these women are forced to rely on public assistance, will they be further criticized for milking the system. True “pro life” advocates would arrange to have care for the unwanted children that these women are forced to bear, and also help the mothers with counseling . Whenever they say that all lives are precious, do they really care about the mothers needs?

  5. It makes me kind of queasy when people talk about a sixty-pound child carrying and giving birth like it's nothing.

    My one childbirth left me with hypoglycemia, postpartum depression, bone softening, twenty-five stitches and hemmorhoids, and I was a grown woman who intended to do it; my pregnancy was relatively healthy.

    Anyone who says that a child's body should be forced to carry around a high-risk pregnancy, suffer long term effects to her own growth and development, and then be forced to mother that child all because God made their stepfather force his penis into her tiny body…that is sick.

  6. It is amazing to me that the only thing the author of this piece can say is that conservatives are happy about this? Really? I am a conservative woman where many of my ancestors were the product of rape and that this is a political issue is beyond disgusting this person has the moral sense of a drunken monkey on crack. I dismiss you as an amoral twit.

    • Wait, so because your ancestors were the product of rape makes it RIGHT? My best friend's ancestors were slaves. Does that make slavery right? That logic is about as twisted as it gets.

    • i will posit that your ancestors were raped in such high numbers because of conservatism. beliefs are handed down over generations after all.

  7. It seems to me that one way to have these rapes come down dramatically is to take the rapists and publicly execute them in the most painful way possible. Cutting of their manhood and letting them bleed to death comes to mind.

  8. A conservative's dream come true?? Really?! This article is completely irresponsible. No person wants to see a young girl raped. There are cases with special circumstances where medical professionals and guardians should make choices that are in the best interest and health of the child, but to say that this is a conservative's dream come true. The author of this article is a special kind of stupid.

  9. UNICEF notes that at least two girls between 10 and 14 give birth every day in Paraguay and three girls are currently preparing to give birth in the same hospital where the 11-year-old gave birth this week. Of course, the same could happen here in the United States if conservatives have their way.

  10. Two ( 2 ) girls , ages 10 – 14, a day in Paraguay.

    Why don't they want their women educated?

    Why don't they want healthy children?

    This is an obsession by church leaders to control women – so weird

    When Our Lord was dying on the cross

    His Mother, Blessed Mother was at the foot of the cross.

    He.told us His Mother was our mother.

    He never told anyone to torture her!

    Love, respect, kindness

  11. Ok hear me out here. My first pregnancy was at 9 years old. i miscarried. My second at 11, had an abortion payed for by the group of people i lived with. My third at 12, misscarried again. My 4th at 14, the father killed her when he found out i was pregnant late term. And Yes, they were All rapes. The last two by a homeless christian that was brought into my home by my religious caretakers who believed it was the right thing to do. The joys of growing in the foster care/adoption system. Which is one of the reasons im pro choice. I would NEVER put another child through what i went through, i would have much rather my mom aborted me than grown up the way i did. The religious people who think i should have gone through all that for “gods glory” can get porked with a hot sauce covered cactus dildo and then accidentally fall butthole first onto the pointy end of a scalding woodstove stoker while trying to remove it. And then get therapy for their loss issues because most of the pro lifers i know are just bitter people who have either lost a child or cant have one. No, i didnt ENJOY having an abortion, but it was better than having a baby at 11. And i am not gonna go through 9 months carrying my rapists spawn and then labor just so YOU can have my baby. Thats f–king sick minded. And yes, im aware that im bitter, and hateful. And if you lived my life you would be too. But id rather be hateful, than be someone who wants a LITTLE GIRL to suffer even worse pain on top of being raped, just so YOUR pain can be less. So keep your f–ked up opinions and your f–ked up god far away from me thank you.

    • I am so sorry for what you have been through. No child should be forced to live through such hell. You have every right to be bitter and if anyone tries to say otherwise they can f*ck off. Stay strong!

  12. Angelilna, I'm so sorry you had to go through such hell. Your anger is well-placed and well-deserved. Those people who use euphemistic bullshit to describe their biased, messed-up opinions (and they are ONLY opinions based on other people's opinions–show me someone who has solid, verifiable, scientific, indisputable proof that god exists) and want to deny other people their own rights to bodily integrity and free agency and choice make me sick. I've lived almost 70 years and I've seen more travesties and miseries dished out by the hands of so-called Christians than by all the non-believers put together.

    I hope you have a better life in your future, Angelina. You must be one strong woman to have survived such violence at such an early age. Wishing you all the best.

  13. Forcing raped children to have babies is reprehensible but no one seems to be sanctioning the men. You rape you get castrated. Its that simple. That way you might do it once but you’ll never be able to do it again.


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