“Whose Choice?” A Pro-Abortion Film (VIDEO)

In 1990 this powerful film entitled “Whose Choice?” was produced, advocating the need to keep abortion services safe, early and widely available for all American women.

It vividly recalls the deplorable conditions which prevailed before the historic Supreme Court decision of Roe versus Wade, which allowed abortion on demand beginning in January, 1973. This decision motivated widespread anti-abortion activities by those against choice including the murder of some providers.

Further, many state and local laws have been enacted making safe, early abortions harder to obtain, especially for poorer, younger women.

The original version of this film was aired on Turner Broadcasting System in prime time on September 21, 1992 just before the Clinton/Bush election that November. It was further shown on hundreds of community TV stations across the United States.

Then in 2002 the film was reissued featuring a timely message at the beginning from the President of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, Reverend Carlton W. Veasey, standing in front of the US Supreme Court. This 2nd version was distributed via his affiliates all over the US. In his statement he deplored the continuing attacks by those who would restrict women’s reproductive freedom so many years after the Court decision.

Now, it’s 2015, over 40 years after Roe. The 3rd version of the film you are about to see remains at its core as relevant today as when it was first made. Sadly, the War on Women continues with onerous, unnecessary, and expensive impediments to abortion choice foisted on providers and women.

Host: Sarah Weddington
Presented by: The Communications Resources Foundation and The International Services Assistance Fund
Director: Steven Channing
Producer: Windfield Best
Production Company: Video Dialog Inc.

Participating Organizations

Alan Guttmacher Institute
American Association of University Women
California Abortion Rights Action League – South
California Republicans for Choice
Catholics for Choice
Comision Femenil de Los Angeles
Feminist Majority
Multicultural Alliance for Reproductive Freedom
National Abortion Rights Action League
National Organization for Women
North Carolina Abortion Rights Action League
Planned Parenthood Federation of America
Planned Parenthood of New York City
Religious Coalition for Abortion Rights
Students Organizing Students

In 1972, Sarah Weddington, then a 26-year-old attorney, appeared before the U.S. Supreme Court and successfully argued Roe v. Wade.

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  1. I cannot believe this is still an issue after 42 years. Can you not find something new to devote your life to? Climate change could kill us all. Forget about the zygote and turn your attention and energy to the plight of the living. Here and now, children suffer all over the world. Help them.

      • That is one of the republican positions that makes me say, "Not one of the republican offerings for president is qualified to be an out house inspector".

        This is a personal decision. The church, the state, no person, (including the father) has the right to say the woman must carry an unwanted pregnancy, unless the woman chooses to invite one of them into the decision.

        If it is not your body, it is none of your business.

    • Why does this surprise you so much?
      Do you know that 30% of women are now suffering Medical PTSD because after 40 years we women are still getting the same tortuously painful testing done and NOTHING has improved or changed for us? The Pap smears and mammograms haven't changed in terms of the pain we must endure for tests that keep us healthy.
      They haven't changed … in 40 years! No progress has been made medically on women's issues. They can't make money on improvements, they can only spend money developing the improvements!
      When we talk about the "Opioid Crisis" states get help from the Federal government to battle it because people are dying. The numbers of people dying pale in comparison to many other issues, but 2/3rds of the people who are affected are male. That's why it is being dealt with. Comparably 1 out of every three women is suffering rape or domestic violence and very little is being done to the perpetrators who often don't even go to jail.
      There is nothing financially that will lead to change on these issues and women are the soccer ball kicked around to get votes. Problem is people don't think. The maternal mortality rate for women is climbing. There are husbands whose wives are dying in childbirth. If Roe vs. Wade is overturned at any point the number of women dying as a result of inviable pregnancies or still births not being removed (since somehow they consider that abortion as well even if the fetus is dead) are going to go WAY WAY UP. Men need to speak up more because this nation is going to turn into a sausage fest.

  2. The title is wrong!
    The film is not 'for' women to have an abortion – but for women to have a legal choice to have a safe abortion.
    I believe in choice, everyone should have the right to make that choice.

  3. I would like to report a typo. There is no such thing as Pro-Abortion. There is anti-abortion and pro-choice. Pro Choice women do not bomb maternity wards or pass out brochures describing the horrors of birth to force other people to terminate their pregnancy.

    • No. There is no anti-abortion vs. pro-choice. There are anti-choice and pro-choice. The CHOICE is at stake, not the abortion. There are people who claim they know better than you what is good for you. They would like to take away your ability to choose. These people used to stone people to death or burn them at the stake in order to deter us from making personal choices. We must always be vigilant lest these dark forces gain the upper hand again.

  4. Fact: Rowe VS Wade is the law of our land. Was it abused? Good health care, clean nutritious food, and clean water is a must in a civilized country.
    Charity should begin at home!

  5. 100 %% agreement woman should retain complete control…just like men ….of w
    Everything that is done
    To their bodies. Abortion is
    a highly charged issue for
    the male politicians who feel
    they have the right to deny
    Women that choice.
    Requiring under threat of prison a woman to carry to term a baby she neither wants..might be a rape ..incest victim.or is simply
    coming at a time in her life that forcing her into
    motherhood could derail
    her plans for things besides a unwanted pregnancy and
    by law a forced birth . The religious zealots advocating
    repeal of roe v wade should
    really consider the future
    they set up for women w out access to safe legal birth control…up to and including
    the morning after pill ..abortion and other less controversial methods. It is
    Women …not some male politician who should make the choice…unpressured by anyone for any reason


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